My Little Story to Pursue My Dream

Hi, my name is Ani, and I want to share the experiences I’ve had in the world of lectures. I’ve been a student at a private university in Yogyakarta for two semesters now, something I never imagined was possible before. I’m still unsure how I got to where I am now, but I do know the good God in my life has allowed me to continue my education.
The first time I went to visit my university I was very confused. At first I had to register, complete my files, and other things. It all ended so well until it was time for the lecture to begin. The new environment, friends I did not know before, all gathered into one space that made me even more confused and afraid to start the day. Although they came from different regions, I still ventured to get acquainted with strangers who would later become my friends.

Oh my God, it was so incredible that day! After getting acquainted with each other, there was a briefing from one of the admins and we were grouped with our respective majors. One of my biggest fears during that time was getting used to my new university and making friends with my new colleagues. Time went on and we finally met with shyness and my college professor went into the classroom and began the lecture. Ffrom the schedule of courses, the rules in the campus, and other things, I was very confused about my new environment. It was nothing like my high school before.

On this lecture bench were inevitably demanded to become more mature students. Really, that’s not an easy thing for me. I tried to enjoy the day with passion but when the learning begins, I begin to struggle to compete with my friends in the classroom in academics and non academics. Finally, the first semester went well and when my UTS (Middle Semester Exam) and UAS (Final Exam Semester) scores came in, I went into class with a sense of pride and gratitutde for everything I had. Unexpectedly, my results (the Value Achievement Index) made me proud because I struggled with my studies for the first semester.

Afterwords, I entered the second semester which is almost the same as the last but this time the level of difficulty is much harder. In this semester, me and my friends have been asked to participate in various campus organizations. This makes me more excited because I can gain experience at my university and I can develop my relationships with my friends. I’ll be following UTS in this second semester and I need to study harder.
Besides my experience in learning, I also had an interesting experience with my friends. Indeed we are only 12 people in 1 class but it does not make us discouraged, it makes us become like family. when one of our friends is sad we try to cheer her up and vice versa. in the case of discussion, we often break out in debate, but we usually resolve all of our conflicts without help from teachers. This is a valuable experience in my life that I will keep over the next 4 years and beyond. My friends and I major in English Literature, enter the world of lectures together and will graduate together also. My time at the university is something I am very passionate about, and the next 4 years will not be in vain. This is my story.

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