Who We Are

Yayasan Rumah Impian Indonesia or The Dreamhouse Indonesia Foundation is an organization founded in Yogyakarta in 2006 to help the street children. The Dreamhouse advocates and helps the street children as friends. The Dreamhouse empower the street children to be able to transform into individuals who are independent and caring for others.

The Dreamhouse believes that street children have the same rights as other children to have dreams and pursue their dreams. The street children should be give the same opportunity and support in their efforts to pursue their dreams. The street children need support to develop their personality so that they can be responsible for themselves and also care about other people and their surroundings. Based on that the Dreamhouse build connection as a friend to the street children.

Children at Risk

The Dreamhouse is currently developing a holistic approach to advocate not only street children, but all the children at risk. The street children themselves are children at high risk.

The children who can be considered as children at risk are:

  1. Children who are not able to achieve their dreams, or who are being driven away from their dreams
  2. Children who live on the street or children of the street, age 0 – 15 years old.
  3. Marginalized children: children from low income family, abused children or children at risk of abuse, neglected or abandoned children.
  4. At the age of 0-17 years old, in accordance with UN Child Convention
  5. Children from a family or community who have committed crime.

Approach and Values

At the Dreamhouse the children at risk are treated as family. The focus of the Dreamhouse is in character development, where every individual is treated uniquely, and every child has the same rights to dream and achieve his/her dream in a supporting community. The Dreamhouse believes that the street is not a place for children.

The Dreamhouse is organized and run by (young) people with the spirit of compassion and servanthood. The Dreamhouse is open for volunteers, for anyone who wants to help the children at risk voluntarily.

As an organization, The Dreamhouse has core values which is also the spirit and inpiration for all the work and services given. The values are solidarity and equality, sincerity and voluntarism, responsibility and trustworthiness.