A Little Dream from Prambanan

“Kalau sapi sing ning lapangan kuwi yo gedhe, wernane putih, anakke yo gedhe.”
The babbling of a little girl under a bridge. This child is so happy and excited to tell the various things he has encountered around him. Rara this beautiful and always cheerful girl walked on the age of five, the age where a child can absorb things very quickly, the level wants tahunyapun to grow quickly. But in this vulnerable growth Rara with her mother, living under a bridge that is certainly not a place worthy of her very growth. To delve into Rara’s mother’s choice, and certainly not the good thing for Rara’s personal growth. Every day, Mother Rara searches for items that can be picked up and Rara participates with him, so when Rara can not be separated from her mother’s supervision.

At the beginning of our meeting with Rara, she always seemed shy to meet, because of her closed attitude at the time, we tried to have a little conversation with her mother Rara. According to the information we received from her mother Rara, Rara was very eager to go to school.

“Rara is often alone here, the problem is that there are no peers to play with.” The story of her mother.
When we saw the situation, it was near the place where they took shelter, there is a village, it is not uncommon for people, including children, to spend the afternoon there. down, whether for fishing. But none of them are unaware of the existence of Rara and her family. Obviously, seeing things like that, Rara felt so lonely. It’s obvious when we make the next visit Rara who initially shy started to look excited because maybe we are perceived as her friend. Often, Rara’s mother found Rara watching the children in school uniform go home. Rara even often asked her mother for school supplies found in junk items.

“She wants to School.” This morning, he asked for shoes that I received from trashy, and for the school he said, “Her Mother said. We also see Rara’s great will every time we visit.

“the book yesterday where uncle?” Asked Rara
This question surprised us how excited he was to gain knowledge. Rara is an intelligent child in our opinion, she is very quick to grasp the subject, in three of our visits she was able to memorize letters and numbers, surprisingly she was able to count even a little. Ibu Rara’s support and cooperation became our own appreciation, as Rara and her mother often learn together on the margins of their activities. Therefore, it is not difficult enough for you to accompany Rara preparing for school later. Not only in the count, but the knowledge of color and shape is also quickly absorbed by Rara. Once, we tried to invite Rara to tell things he knew with details and the form he wanted to say, and who saw himself so enthusiastic to tell stories.

““Om, aku tau ini. Ini wedhus kan om? Yesterday, I saw in the village, in the cage.” Rara story while pointing to the picture book we carry.
“The color is white, he eat grass isn’t it? Over there, on the ground too.” He continued
It’s been a month since Rara has been accompanying Dream House to have a better life for her development, in the hope that he can be a child growing up as a child in general, who has the ideals and ambitions to continue live better.

This is the story of Rara, sweet little girl. His life in the silence of the bridge, and the roar of a vehicle in the streets would not erase his spirit and his laughter for a better life.

Rara Now Garduated From Kindergarden

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