Moving Toward My Dream

I’m, Lina, have been with Yayasan Rumah Impian Indonesia since 2010. Before joining this foundation and going to school again, I worked as a merchant in Lempuyangan Market. My long working hours start from 4 am to 4 pm, but finally I gave up because my body is not strong. A friend offered me a job as a waitress at the Bonbin Cafeteria of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) after I quit my previous job. In this new workplace, I feel comfortable and fit so I’m able to work hard. I work because I’m motivated by my family’s circumstances, especially my father who can not finance my school. Also, my stepmother forced me to work to help the family. She not only forces me to work, but my stepmother always asks for 50% of my monthly income.

I feel my stepmother’s demans are solely for her own satisfaction. In addition, I feel like I’m being used and exploited as a tool for money by my stepmother. However, God is omniscient and loving, and I was grateful to meet my sister and stay with her when I ran away from home. I no longer felt comfortable living with my father and stepmother. She also put me in contact with Yayasan Rumah Impian Indonesia, so I can chase my dream once more.

I decided to live in Hope Shelter which is one of the Division of Rumah Impian Indonesia Foundation until I graduated from high school. The brothers and sisters I have made at Hope Shelter remind me of my childhood dream and they are my inspiration to study hard in school. Now I am determined to continue my education in college and continue my childhood dream of becoming a nurse.
Sometimes, I remember when I had to struggle to take care of my mother, go to school and make money while still in junior high school. If I were a nurse, there would probably be many mothers out there that I could help and their children would not have to work as hard as I used to. They can stay in school and continue their dreams without worrying about their mother. People in rural areas who still lack access to health facilities and infrastructure were flicking my pity. If I am given the opportunity, I really want to help them by devoting my nursing skills to their need and I also hope to share a bit of laughter with them. If I am given the opportunity to go to college, I will devoted all my faculties and try my best to share my love by motivating myself like those who saved me from the darkness of my life.

In 2016, I went to college and took a major in Midwifery in one of the campuses in Yogyakarta. In addition to college, I also took part as a volunteer to accompany my younger siblings at the Education Center Yayasan Rumah Impian Indonesia.

I would like to tell you a little about my experience while studying at college. Early in college I felt inferior and afraid. Can I follow every course and can I get along with my college friends? But over time I began to adapt and be able to follow all the lectures, and I also can mingle with college friends. It’s an amazing experience.
It did not feel that time went by so fast and I was past semester 1, semester 2, and semester 3 with valuable lessons. Currently I am entering semester 4, which means I will go directly in the process of handling pregnant women who will give birth. Thrilling, but to be able to achieve the dream, I must be able to live and learn as much as possible, so that someday I can help many people to give birth. Spirit!

Yogyakarta, 20 Februari 2018

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