Vision and Mission


Transformation of children at risk through dreams that can give impact to others.


  • Advocates the children at risk as a friend
  • Facilitates the children at risk to achieve their dreams that have impact to others
  • Build a network of people who are concerned of the children’s dream


  • every child has the same rights to dream and achieve his/her dream in a supporting community. The Dreamhouse believes that the street is not a place for children.
  • Every child need to grow into individual who have an impact to others – a transformed life is started with a dream


  1. Solidarity and equality, solidarity and love to the weak and needful others regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion
  2. Sincerity and voluntarism, at the dreamhouse there is no hidden agenda but to help others
  3. Responsibility and Trustworthiness, the resources are managed with full responsibility, transparent and clean, including the financial resources gained from the partners and donors.


The Dreamhouse position itself as a friend for the children. The role of the dreamhouse is to advocate, mentor, and facilitate the children at risk to the vision of the dreamhouse


  1. Holistic and integrated. Began with outreach and advocation to the streets or to the places where the children at risk can be found. Early assessments lead to transitional services in order to reduce the time spent by the child in the streets, and at the end provide shelter and parenting for the child who is ready to leave the streets and pursue his/her dream.
  2. Treat every child as a unique invidual. Through intensive meetings, Dreamhouse map the character of every child and design the service according to every child’s uniqueness. Every child is encouraged to find his/her dream and is facilitatetd to pursue his/her dream.
  3. Voluntarism. The board members and the volunteers work voluntarily with the principles of compassion and solidarity to others, without any hidden agenda for personal gail or any political/religious motive.