Children’s Forum: Understanding and Recognizing Children’s Issues in the Surrounding Environment

Child Forum

The Children’s Forum is an initiative aimed at providing a platform for children to recognize and understand the issues present in their surrounding environment. The purpose of this activity is to enhance children’s awareness of issues related to the fulfillment and protection of children’s rights. Involving 22 mentored children, the event took place at the Balai Desa Amandes, Sleman, DIY, on October 28, 2023.

The activities began with the pickup of the children and preparations by mentors to ensure the smooth running of the event. Kak Sekar opened the event, followed by speeches from the Rumah Impian Foundation and local representatives. Subsequently, Kak Yunita and Mas Raka conducted a pre-test, while Mas Arif brought joy with ice-breaking games.

Mbak Devi led the session of sparking dialogue and discussion, allowing children to discuss issues in their environment. The activities concluded with a post-test by Kak Yunita and Mas Raka.

The children were divided into five groups, each discussing various issues they had experienced. In one group, the children noted issues such as parental job discrimination, lack of play areas, and bullying. Another group discussed issues such as unfriendly neighbors, strict rules at home, and a shortage of play areas.

There was also a group that highlighted issues such as children not attending school, parents scolding their children, and a lack of safe play areas. Issues such as the absence of playfield facilities, bullying, and insecurity in some locations were also discussed in one group. Meanwhile, children in Tlukan discussed issues related to family problems, friendships, and safety in their environment.

Despite some children arriving late due to school activities, the forum successfully conveyed introductory points about children’s social issues. The children demonstrated creativity and courage in expressing their opinions. For future meetings, it is essential to ensure that children are better prepared and have no school-related commitments for smoother proceedings. Mentors also need to continue supporting and training the children to further enhance their understanding of children’s social issues.

The Children’s Forum emerges as a crucial platform, providing space for children to speak and understand the issues around them. With the creativity and courage of the children, it is hoped that this activity will have a positive impact on raising children’s awareness of their rights and protection.

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