Keep Believing in your dreams

Nia and Rocky are two children whom the Dream House helps. Nia and Rocky are brother and sister, who are just like other children, living their lives as good children for their families.

Nia loves dancing, and she is actually very good at it.  She joined a dance group who represent the province of Yogyakarta to compete in the National Traditional Dance Contest, and they won!

The thing is, besides going to school, Nia and Rocky also have to go out to sell newspapers in the streets. They have to do that to support their family’s economy.

The Dream House is committed to make sure that there is no children working in the streets. Children must learn, play and develop. Children must have dreams and be helped to pursue their dreams.

Dream House invites you to help Nia and Rocky. They need help to stay at school and to get off the streets. They need to concentrate on their studies and self development, rather than working (sometimes until late) in the streets.

Be a part of our Children Sponsorship Program to help transform the lives of the children like Nia and Rocky. Click on the link Hope Partners to sponsor these lovely children!

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