A Story From The Street

“At that time, my wife and I were sleeping, there was suddenly a stranger who beat us, I can only be grateful when he was at Hope Shelter”

Rina and her family lived under the bridge and Rina’s parents went to her parents’ home to look for socks. The quote above is one of the stories of the harshness of the circumstances that Rina has to go through and the family on the streets. Circumstances that certainly do not support Rina growing in the realization of her dreams in the future.

Reflecting on Rina’s experiences during Dream House’s seven-year move, Hope Shelter is present as a temporary residence to ensure every child is in optimal condition to continue their education, especially to fulfill their dream. By no longer on the road, Rina and other children can focus on self-development as children.

Let’s go through gofundme.com/thestreetsarenotforkids that we can move together to ensure that each child’s educational rights are respected; As children in general, street children also have the right to dream and fulfill their dreams.

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