The Importance of Birth Certificates and Population Documents in the Context of Children’s Fundamental Rights


The Rumah Impian Indonesia Foundation recognizes that the importance of birth certificates and population documents in the context of children’s fundamental rights goes beyond mere administrative procedures. A birth certificate is an official proof that an individual has been born and is the initial step in providing legal identity to children. This identity serves as the key to accessing several fundamental rights crucial to their development.

First and foremost, a birth certificate ensures a child’s right to life and growth. With official documentation, children are legally recognized by the government and society. Without a birth certificate, children may face difficulties in accessing health and education services.

Secondly, a birth certificate is required for school enrollment. This document helps create an equal educational trajectory for every child, removing administrative barriers that may hinder their access to knowledge and skills essential for their future.

In the context of child protection, birth certificates and population documents play a crucial role in preventing exploitation and violence. Official identity helps protect children from being employed as child laborers, human trafficking, and various forms of exploitation.

The right of a child to participate and express their opinions is also linked to having official identification. Population documents ensure that children are regarded as citizens with the right to voice their opinions in decisions affecting their lives.

Furthermore, birth certificates and population documents have serious implications for child protection in times of emergencies or conflicts. Clear identification through these documents can aid in family reunification in the event of separation due to disasters or conflicts. Without clear identification, children may become lost and separated from their families, increasing the risk of exploitation and insecurity.

The importance of birth certificates and population documents also surfaces in the context of children’s economic rights. Official identity facilitates children in obtaining economic rights, such as inheritance rights and protection from economic exploitation.

In this year alone (2023), the Rumah Impian Indonesia Foundation advocated for the issuance of birth certificates and population documents for seven children. The lack of awareness among parents regarding the importance of population documents is identified as a cause of this issue. According to Devi Kurniasih, a Social Worker at the Rumah Impian Indonesia Foundation, many parents find it troublesome to directly handle their child’s birth certificate, and some even intentionally neglect it.

Yosua Lapudooh, the executive director of the Rumah Impian Indonesia Foundation, emphasizes the foundation’s full commitment to advocating for population documents for all its beneficiaries. Since 2019 until now, a total of 185 cases of advocacy for population administration have been handled by the Social Workers of the Rumah Impian Indonesia Foundation. Efforts to ensure that every child has a valid birth certificate and population documents are an investment in a fairer, safer, and more secure future for the coming generations.

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