A Special Day

This is a story about a special day for Hamzah and Romi, two dreamhouse children who now live in the Hope Shelter.

Romi woke up early that morning. It was only 5 am and everyone in Hope Shelter was still sleeping. He could not wait to start his first day at school. He was very excited. Not long after that, Hamzah woke up. While waiting for the time to use the only bathroom after Romi, Hamzah chose the clothes he wanted to weat today. For your information, SDKE Mangunan is a school where students don’t need to wear uniforms, so maybe Hamzah wanted to wear his best clothes today. Hmm..

After taking a shower, got dressed, and had the delicious breakfast prepared by the lovely nanny, Romi and Hamzah were ready to go. They rode bikes with Juli and Aya, two other Hope Shelter members who are now in grade 6. It did not take long to get to school on bikes. Wow, how nice it was to meet new friends. Romi seemed a bit shy, while Hamzah looked cool with his little smile.

A warm welcome by Mrs. Nana, the grade 1 teacher, and the joyous cheer of the school kids, sounded like a whisper: “Welcome Romi, welcome Hamzah. This is your new world, a colorful joyful world. Dream on, and make your dreams come true with us!”


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