Street Lifestyle – A Call to Action

street life

For the past few years I have been noticing an interesting phenomenon in the life style of our street friends. From their mobility, moving from one junction to another, until their dependence to addictive substances, starting from sniffing glue for beginners to using and dealing drugs for the advanced, has been an interesting thing to watch. Recently I have noticed another interesting phenomenon about the way they interact with each other. I saw a 27 year old street person acting like he was 12 because he was approaching a 12 year old street girl.

It was not something about the guy, because I noticed that it was done by almost all the street boys (well, they are not boys anymore). They try very hard to convince that they are teenagers if there is a street girl available. It is like a contest, to conquer the girl with all their flirting and sweet talking. One thing that concerns me is that in many cases the boys introduce alcohols and drugs, as a way to conquer those little girls.

What they do may seem like something most teenagers would do, but these street girls are without any protection at all. Normal girls still have parents or peers to warn them, but these street girls may just end up become street prostitutes in the future. The Dreamhouse street contacting program is designed to build relations with the street children, and therefore we cannot let this worrying  phenomenon to continue. This article, I hope can trigger a quick and effective action plan to help the street girls from “the predators” on the streets.

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