The Dreamhouse has the following stages of services to the children at risk :

Assesment: Early assesment is conducted in the outreach process as the volunteers seek out to find the children at risk

Intervention Plan: Volunteers direct the child and their parents to decide an intervention plan to help the children.

Intervention: The intervention process is conducted in the divisions that are suitable for the service(s).

Referal: The child can be referred to the divisions of the dreamhouse or to other organizations/communities in the dreamhouse network. Internal referrence is done if the service is available in the divisions of the dreamhouse, and external referrence is done if the service(s) needed is not available. External referrence is usually done if these problems occured: drug addiction, mental health problems, sexual harrasment, rape, crime.

Termination: Service can be terminated if (1) the child is declared completed/graduated (2) the child refused to continue accepting the service (3) the parents of the child refuse the service (4) the child deceases (5) the child moves to another city

After Care: After the child completed/graduated and achieved his/her dream, the Dreamhouse provides a volunteer who monitors and evaluates the progress of the child.