The Dreamhouse was officially founded in February 2009. However the history of interaction with the street children community goes a long way back. It started in 2000 with a simple activity, playing sports games (mostly soccer) with the street children in Universitas Gadjah Mada every saturday afternoon. At that time some university students  invited street children from intersections like Korem/Gramedia and Pingit to play together. This sporting activity still continue until now, and is now located in the spacious area in front of Graha Sabha Pramana every Sunday afternoon.

Following this early interaction, a learning facility was then established in Gondolayu in 2003. Here the street children, along with the people from the neighborhood, were provided free basic education courses. This activities continued until 2005.

After being vacant for a year, in November 2006, a transit house for the street children was established in Jetisharjo. This house was called the “Dreamhouse“. This is when the name “dreamhouse” was first introduced. The street children gathered in this house was quite numerous and they came from the intersections of Jetis, Mirota Kampus, Tugu, and Pingit. This house was then moved to Jetis Pasiraman before it was shut down in 2008.

After the shutting down, Dreamhouse activities did not cease. The activities since then are focused on activities in the streets (street based activities). In July 2008, Dreamhouse also established a shelter for street children who return to school but in need of a new environment. The shelter is called the Hope Shelter and is located in Kalasan. This shelter began with the 3 street children who started their new lives as students . Also since 2008, street activities of the Dreamhouse are focused at Jombor intersection and Jetis intersection.

That is so far the brief history of the Dreamhouse. One thing about the Dreamhouse is that the Dreamhouse is always ready to learn and improve itself. Critics, corrections, and suggestions, are most welcome, because only by that the Dreamhouse can continue to serve, and to serve better each day.