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All we see is not the real appearance. Even what we are seeing is the possibility of the outer skin with the wound on the inside starting to rot. She needs a touch on the wound, not on the skin. He needs to know that he needs help. That’s what I see from Amel. Nobody […]

Story Of Ambon

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by Sammy Ladh Is it possible that a former street child, who did not complete high school, become a trainer for chef candidates who are college graduates? It is possible. Yes, I can! This phrase is popular in the world of sports, as a shout to boost the spirit of the competing athletes. In Dream […]

A Dream for Solidarity

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by Sammy Ladh “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one..” This old song by John Lennon echoed in my head when I began writing this story. Dreaming is a pleasant thing to do. A life without a dream is an empty and meaningless life. Carl Sandburg said, “nothing happens unless […]