Tropical Cyclone Seroja In Kupang, Children From The Dreamhouse Kupang Have To Take Refuge.

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  A tropical cyclone, Seroja, hit the city of Kupang on Monday (05/04/2021) in the early hours of the morning, causing severe damage to 1,264 homes. scattered around the city. In addition, according to reports by The Dreamhose Kupang, the communities assisted by the Dreamhouse who are affected are: “Aku Ada” Scavenger Community 18 houses […]

Let’s move! Fight Covid-19

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Responding to the widespread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, particularly in the DI Yogyakarta region, Dreamhouse Foundation is conducting an emergency fundraiser in form of money which will be used to meet the needs of a certain number of families from the assisted communities who are distributed in 12 points of the village through […]

Alert And Prevention Of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) In Yayasan Rumah Impian Indonesia Work Environment

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REGARDING ALERT AND PREVENTION OF CORONA VIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19) IN YAYASAN RUMAH IMPIAN INDONESIA WORK ENVIRONMENT In accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) declaration about the status of Covid-19 outbreak as a pandemic, the declaration from National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) about Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia as a national disaster, and Covid-19 health protocol […]


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All we see is not the real appearance. Even what we are seeing is the possibility of the outer skin with the wound on the inside starting to rot. She needs a touch on the wound, not on the skin. He needs to know that he needs help. That’s what I see from Amel. Nobody […]

street life

Street Lifestyle – A Call to Action

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For the past few years I have been noticing an interesting phenomenon in the life style of our street friends. From their mobility, moving from one junction to another, until their dependence to addictive substances, starting from sniffing glue for beginners to using and dealing drugs for the advanced, has been an interesting thing to […]