Herdy and the Power to Never Give Up on Dreams

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. My name is Herdy, and I come from Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. This is a short story that I want to share with all of you about a life journey I went through in pursuit of my dreams. Hopefully, at the end of this writing, I can leave something good through my story for all of you.

I graduated from one of the high schools in Kupang. Coming from a very humble family, I was born, raised, and completed my education up to the final level in my hometown. After finishing my high school education, there was a strong longing in me to pursue higher education or go to college. Since my time in high school, I had aspirations and a deep desire to study Theology, a subject I had been dreaming of for a long time. However, realizing that my family couldn’t afford it, I slowly buried and forgot about that intention. Instead of finding the right college that matched my desires and aspirations, I chose to help my mother work and support the needs of our family after my graduation from high school.

Perseverance and patience became something I held onto after burying my dream of going to college. Every day, when I saw friends and others my age who were able to go to college, there was a constant feeling of sadness and disappointment that I kept inside. In that patience, I continued to pray to God and surrender all the struggles I faced while living the life I had chosen. Although I knew the chances and possibilities for me to go to college were very slim, a quote that said, “When we pray and cry out to God earnestly, God will answer our prayers,” seemed to strengthen me and prevented me from completely letting go of my dreams and hopes for the future. I believed that the future truly existed, and God held all the hopes I expressed in every prayer. Though the time had not yet come, I believed that He would give me the best according to His timing.

That prayer was answered when I met extraordinary people – amazing individuals in the year 2020. The prayers I had lifted to God seemed to be answered in an unexpected encounter. That meeting gave me the opportunity to get to know many kind-hearted people who saw my aspiration to go to college as something valuable worth fighting for.

Those who called themselves the Rumah Impian Kupang community took the initiative to get to know me and then helped me pursue higher education in the field of Theology at a Christian college in Kupang. I was so grateful and happy when I found out that my dream of continuing my education was not completely over. Amidst all the possibilities for me to live in resignation and accept fate, forgetting the long-held dreams, God, in His kindness, gave me the opportunity to have a new life.

The blessings from God continued as I received the news that all the educational expenses throughout my college years would be fully covered by the managing foundation. That meant my family no longer had to worry about finding ways to pay for my education and living expenses during my studies.

After the registration period ended, the next thing I had to do was move into the dormitory and live there. Although initially, I thought dormitory life would be fun and enjoyable, the reality was quite different when I experienced it. There were quite a few painful processes I had to go through after moving into the dormitory, such as starting a disciplined life and following various binding rules. Although it was difficult at first, I always remembered how good God was in my life. God always gave me strength, and I always found motivation from the people around me who ultimately helped me rise up and strive to achieve my dreams and aspirations.

When we desire something, it never comes without challenges. There is always a series of processes that we have to go through until we can achieve our goals and desires.

Another statement that always gives me strength when I feel weak and find it difficult to navigate life is:

“Life always requires struggle and process. Even instant noodles require a process from preparation to being served, let alone the life we live. If we want to pursue or achieve our dreams, we must start with struggle and a process that places prayer as the foundation. Without prayer, everything will truly be in vain.”

In the end of this story, I want to convey a message to friends and all dream warriors out there: Stay motivated and never give up. Hold on to your dreams firmly and believe in all the possibilities to achieve them. May God be with all of you.

Author: Herdy
Editor: Rico Tamara S.
Translated by: Sammy
Images & Documentation: Mellissa Ledo

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