Tropical Cyclone Seroja In Kupang, Children From The Dreamhouse Kupang Have To Take Refuge.


A tropical cyclone, Seroja, hit the city of Kupang on Monday (05/04/2021) in the early hours of the morning, causing severe damage to 1,264 homes. scattered around the city.

In addition, according to reports by The Dreamhose Kupang, the communities assisted by the Dreamhouse who are affected are:

“Aku Ada” Scavenger Community

  1. 18 houses are damaged by the storm
  2. Children show symptoms of trauma
  3. Children and family taking refuge at the BMKG office
  4. The need for drinking water, food and household equipment (zinc, plywood, etc.)

The Bayam Street Community

1.3 houses are damaged

2. Children show symptoms of traum

3. No refugees

4. The need for zinc and roofing materials, as well as plywood for damaged housing walls.

The local government has collected data. Currently the children and their parents are taking refuge at the BMKG office, as their residence is currently severely damaged .

If you want to lighten the burden of the children in The Dreamhouse Kupang , you can donate through the bank account shown in the following picture.

You can see some footages of the damage caused by the storm here.

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