Dreamhouse cooperates and networks with the people, schools, campuses, the government, and other organizations..

Schools help Dreamhouse by accepting the children advocated by Dreamhouse as their students. Organs in campuses provide volunteers to participate in the programs of Dreamhouse. With the government, Dreamhouse is authorized by the D.I Yogyakarta Province and is obliged to submit regular reports in every 3 months. Other organizations network with Dreamhouse to share resources and support each other’s programs.

So far, Dreamhouse has worked together with these organizations : ICCO/Kerk in ActiePenabulu FoundationDeKeyser and Friends Foundation (Proyek “Jalaran Seka Impen”), HumanaLembaga Perlindungan Anak (LPA) Yogyakarta,Serikat Peduli AIDS Yogyakarta (SPAY).