Programs of The Dreamhouse can be divided into these categories:

1. Street Contacting, One of the major interventions of The Dreamhouse is street contact wherein the children are met by the outreach staff at the places they live or frequent. A street contact person spends time with these children responding to their immediate needs, often without any formal activity. The Dreamhouse Street Contacting is now concentrated at the Sagan intersection and the Djombor intersection, with programs including: photography classes, jamming (music), and book box/mobile library.

2. Dream Campaign, campaigns and publications about the street children empowering programs conducted by The Dreamhouse. In 2010 (1-3 October), The Dreamhouse held a photo exhibition, showing the pictures taken by the street children during their photography classes. The Dreamhouse also has formed a music band consisting of 5 Djombor Street Children. In August 2011 this band is projected to release their demo-album. The Dreamhouse also publish a bulletin called “Trotoar”.

3. Hope Shelter, The Dreamhouse provide shelter and scholarship for the street children who decide to return to school. The scholarship is managed by the Dreamhouse scholarship committee and the shelter is located in Kalasan, an area far away from the location of the street children, as a way of disengaging them from their old environment. This shelter is  called the Hope Shelter, which is now sheltering 11 children who all has returned to school and left the streets completely. Besides the children living in the shelter, the Dreamhouse also give scholarship to 4 other children who are still living with their parents.

4. Education Center, The division is responsible for providing and managing Studio or Activity Center for teach-ing, training, and assistance marginalized com-munities, especially street children (named Ed-ucation Center). In this place volunteers teach with fun learning methods, English, and crea-tive arts and also provide a library room and au-dio-visual learning tool. We already have 5 education center in main area that usualy send a kids to the street. We are prepare to open another education center in others area.

5. Parents Empowerment,  is a service based on target-ing the parents of street children and their families guided by the Dream House, which aims to independent them both economically and psychologically.
Urbanization problem be-comes a big problem for those who are unable to compete in terms of skills. Not all of these families are migrants who want to speculate in the city of Yogyakarta, and eventually failed due to lack of skills. Instead, they are native Yogyakarta because of urbanization, they do not have a place in good jobs. The number of migrants who have high skills to make them out of their own homes.