Fun Learning Activities with Children at the Children Crisis Center

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the keys to achieving optimal nutritional status. Such behavior arises from personal habits in carrying out various activities. To foster these habits, individuals need to be aware of and understand the importance of practicing clean and healthy living. Therefore, the UGM nutrition intern team conducted several activities related to nutrition and health with the children at the Children Crisis Center. These activities took the form of fun learning activities, where children are engaged in enjoyable learning experiences.

The first fun learning activity was focused on learning about Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS) (10/03/2023). The activity included watching educational animated videos, followed by a treasure hunt game to complete a mission of creating posters about PHBS. Afterward, each child was asked to explain their poster and share stories about the clean and healthy living behaviors they have been practicing in their daily lives. Additionally, the children were invited to implement PHBS by cleaning the kitchen together (16/03/2023).

In addition to learning about PHBS, the children were also taught about the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines (PGS) (20/03/2023). The learning activity involved the use of a board game similar to Monopoly. In this board game, children could answer simple quizzes, take on challenges, and watch videos related to PGS.

The final fun learning activity was focused on “My Plate” (24/03/2023). During this activity, the children were taught about the principles of a balanced and nutritious diet, represented by “My Plate”. They were also taught how to choose healthy snacks. The activity utilized an activity sheet that could be filled out by the children.

By engaging in these fun learning activities with the children, it is hoped that they will gain additional information about healthy lifestyles in an enjoyable manner. It also allows them to reflect on their daily habits that align with a healthy lifestyle, ultimately supporting their nutritional status and overall health quality.

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