All we see is not the real appearance. Even what we are seeing is the possibility of the outer skin with the wound on the inside starting to rot. She needs a touch on the wound, not on the skin. He needs to know that he needs help.

That’s what I see from Amel. Nobody can control his will except mom. But what my mother taught was not that good, which made this nice girl grow up in a state that scrapes a joke of real smiles.

Nobody will understand where he comes from, without us knowing his roots. That’s what I found when I noticed Amel who was afraid of not studying with his volunteer brothers and being reprimanded by his mother.
One possible possibility is that being close to him as an authority and friend can change his character and realize that there are inappropriate attitudes to make. Not an ordinary friend, but a friend with a million ideas to keep his confidence and laugh. It’s not easy just once or twice, but many times with a heart ready to accept the consequences of the injury.

Slowly teaches patience and humility to make it calmer. But still with the same key as him, not only Amel but all the children need not only a “companion” but a friend. Not a friend who accompanies only “learn and play” but also become peers who understand what has happened to him. Not a limiting friend, but a friend who understands how to help achieve a good goal.

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