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I want to be a football player

Football has become one of boys’ favorite memories, also one of Tukangan’s children, Alo, who is now in primary school. Football for him is not just a hobby, but also a dream. He is a fan of Lionel Messi and Gonzales, although he did not know much about them. Alo really liked how they play on the pitch even though he tried not to miss watching on TV when they compete. But he is not confident about his dreams and aspirations, it shows when he tells his dream.

Alo who lived and grew up on the edge of the railroad and the density of small houses around him did not allow him to play football. Not only him, but other friends who also have a hobby of playing football. Even when he goes to school, there is no football field. It is therefore not surprising that sports classes at school are never practiced. To practice or just play in big cities like Yogyakarta, you have to spend money. But Alo did not lose his head, he sometimes took friends on the ground near the hospital. DKT which is far enough away from the house especially if you are walking. Although there is no coach at least, he can train to play football.

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