Solidarity, Care, Transaform

Campaigning for not giving money to street children and encouraging people to participate in the Dream House initiative through the Hope Cooperation 50K campaign is a courageous step. The consequence of this move is that the Dream House should be able to show that the empowerment program is indeed worthy of support. This document tries a little more to show it, as well as a reflection of what was done Dream Home until 2012.

Since the beginning of activities in 2006 (exactly November 1, 2006), a lot has been done to make Dream House realize the vision of turning street children into an independent and caring person. However, the activity of Dream House to achieve the vision can really be described with 3 simple words: search, awaken and change.

Dream House “seeks” street children through the Street Contacting division, which comes to street kids’ points. “Finding” is not an incidental activity, but a routine activity, because the Dream House volunteers, after finding children who meet the goals of the service (7-15 years), continue the approach with a spirit of solidarity as friends.

With routine assistance 2-3 times a week, street children are invited to look further into their lives. There was a better life than their life at the time, the life they could live to realize dreams that were beginning to fade in their minds. In this activity, the volunteers carry “KoPeR” (Library Box), a box containing many interesting books. Children who do not know how to write, read and count (calistung) are accompanied and educated, children who can be accompanied and motivated to return to school. Every child is treated as a unique individual with their dreams.

This mentoring is called “awake” activity. When a child is moved to leave the street and return to school, the next action is to “transform”. Children who want to leave the street are looking for a school and are staying at Hope Shelter, a boarding house. Hope Shelter is specially designed for children who have no parents or whose families are unable to care for them. However, Hope Shelter also played an important role in the “transformation” process earlier.

Children who enter Hope Shelter are no longer considered street children by Dream Home. They are now schoolchildren, who pursue their dreams and ideals according to their potential and talents as unique individuals. In Hope Shelter, these children are not only educated but also develop their talents and teach autonomy through small entrepreneurs.

Dream House has been doing this since 2006 (in contact with the street), and to this day, at Hope Shelter, there are already 20 children who are back at school and currently 15 children are in Hope Shelter with their respective achievements. Achievements Yes, the children of Hope Shelter make good grades in their schools. Currently, there are 5 children in middle school, 5 children in middle school and 5 children in primary school and 1 child in kindergarten. The college kids are all in the top 10 of their class. One person was elected OSIS Chair at her school for 2012-2013, beating other candidates, who are also adoptive children in Hope Shelter. There is also a talented writing and appointed editor of his school magazine. The boys are all members of the famous Sleman Football School, where they won the trophy together.

All this made Dream House self-financing, without funding from major donors or from abroad. This is possible because all funds are well managed and transparent, with priority given to the transformation of accompanying children. The work of Hard Dream House has resulted in another, since 2012 an institution called ICCO / Kerk in Aktie has taken the Dream House as a partner. That is, Dream House is considered a responsible institution and has tangible results.

However, the road is still long. There are still many street kids hanging around, and Dream House invites you to join in to continue to search, arouse and transform the children who need help. Not by “giving a change” of course ..

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