Zumba with Rotaract Club Yogyakarta Malioboro

Zumba is a new sports variant that is much-loved among the womenfolk in Indonesia, especially in 2016. Behind the popularity of zumba, it turns out this one sport can provide a lot of benefits for our bodies. In addition to maanfaat for fitness like aerobic exercise, following the zumba class can release stress and make the heart happier because this sport is a combination of gymnastics and dance. Movement movements are made more varied and fun to be combined with dance movements, especially dances from Latin American countries such as samba, salsa and cha-cha. Seeing the many benefits of zumba, Rotaract in cooperation with the Dream House held a zumba class in Optimum fitness center to introduce zumba to the assistant siblings and Dream House volunteers.

Not only the beneficiaries in Hope Shelter, but the children of the Education Center also participated in this activity. Brothers and volunteers gathered at Hope Shelter to be picked up and departed together to the gym. At about half past nine, the Rotaract brothers came to pick up and then all the participants went to the gym located on Monginsidi Street. Arriving at the fitness site we were greeted by other Rotaract brothers and acarapun immediately opened. To increase energy we drink milk from starbuck first. While listening to a brief explanation of the zumba history of ZIN Zee, the zumba instructor who will lead the class that day we enjoyed a delicious starbuck milk.

Approximately thirty minutes from the time we reached the fitness site, zumba started immediately. The song is gentle but fun to dance to accompany the warm-up. Entering the second song with a faster rhythm we entered a more vigorous movement and increased our joy. The songs then more fun and exciting and make our zumba spirit higher. Various types of songs from different genres and Country are chanted to accompany exciting moves and ZIN Zee. Without it we have entered the last song and it has been up to the cooling down movement. That morning we really got an exciting experience with the Rotaract brothers and beautiful instructor kak Zee.

While taking a break after dancing and exercising an hour we got surprises that were set up by Rotaract’s brothers. It turns out during the zumba we have been observed and the prizes have been prepared for the three most exciting participants. Adik Wulan and two Dream House volunteers got a gift from Rotaract’s brothers. Not long after that came lunch time. We sat together and talked to each other during lunch. Event closed with photo together. What a memorable new experience for us.

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