Strory Of Ambon

“I want to be a top and distinguished chef who roams internationally. I want to be an inspiration for all people in a poor and desperate situation like I was” – Wisnu/Ambon

His name is Wisnu, or commonly called as “Ambon”. After dropping out of middle school because problems within his family and enviroment, he lived on the street of Jetis, Yogyakarta. We met Wisnu in 2006 when we did our street assistance program. We discovered that Ambon was a multi-talented person, especially in music and cooking where he was really passionate about. Therefore, we supported Ambon to develop his talents through a special government education program called “Kejar Paket”. Through Kejar Paket, Ambon and others who are not able to go to school are getting the opportunity to obtain a national certification. Within this processes, Ambon discovered that he had a strong calling to be a chef; he wanted to develop his cooking skill which eventually got him a job in the kitchen of a German restaurant in Yogyakarta as his first significant stepping stone.

Now, Ambon is the chef of a restaurant and of a cruise ship! With just a “Kejar Paket” certification Wisnu, a former street child, Became an independent, successful, and loving human being.

We believe that the story of Ambon fulfilling his dream is one of many. There are still so many street kids in Yogyakarta and every child has incredible potential. The key to unlocking that potential is education.

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